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How Often Does My A/C Unit Need Refrigerant?

Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 1:35PM

How Often Does My A/C Unit Need Refrigerant?

Most people are unaware of when air conditioners require refrigerant (sometimes referred to as “Freon”). For many of us, the first sign is when it’s no longer cool and comfortable inside the house or office.

The trouble is, by that point, the unit has likely required refrigerant for a while. Scheduling an appointment and awaiting repair only adds time to correct the problem. Thankfully, you can avoid delays and discomfort by following a few simple tips. Here’s how to get started:

Understand the Basics

For the most part, if your air conditioner is working properly, you shouldn’t have to add refrigerant. That’s because liquid constantly flows through the unit via copper coils. This is often referred to as a “closed loop” or “sealed system.” In short, unlike vehicle fuel, refrigerant doesn’t evaporate.

However, refrigerant leaks have the potential to cause a major malfunction. Wear on those copper coils (sometimes referred to as refrigerant lines) can cause breakage, allowing liquid to escape the system. That’s when it’s best to contact a trusted company skilled at A/C repair in New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding area.

Know the Signs

As mentioned, it’s often difficult to pinpoint a refrigerant problem until it becomes apparent through poor climate control. Still, there are signs to help you determine a potential issue.

Even if your air conditioner is cooling your home or office, you may have noticed that it seems to take a lot longer to reach the set/desired temperature. Higher utility bills without increased use is also an indication of a problem.

Inspecting the outside unit offers tell-tale signs of potential issues. For instance, ice/frost on refrigerant coils is not normal. Neither is the presence of a hissing or boiling noise. If you experience any of these situations, it’s wise to immediately contact an HVAC company well-versed with air conditioning in Daytona Beach and the greater Central Florida region.

Contact a Professional

Even if you suspect a refrigerant leak, it’s best to contact a trusted and reputable company skilled at Palm Coast heating and air. A knowledgeable HVAC technician will first perform a full inspection of your unit to locate the source of any potential issues. This guarantees you’re getting to the heart of the matter and not just coming up with a quick fix.

The problem with simply adding refrigerant is that it doesn’t address the issue. It’s like trying to fill a bike tire with air before you’ve located the leak. The tire will require constant inflation until the real problem has been solved. Still, some disreputable companies are hasty and rush through jobs — knowing they’ll get another service call in a few weeks.

By contrast, at Extra Air and Heat, you get extra service, but you’ll never pay extra for top-quality and comprehensive work. We’re proud to be Central Florida’s dependable leader for all climate control needs. In addition to air conditioning and heating, we also offer services in commercial refrigeration, new equipment installation, and more. Contact us today to get your air conditioner in top shape for another summer.

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