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Air Conditioning Improves Health and Quality of Life

Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 9:15AM

Air Conditioning Improves Health and Quality of Life

It’s hard to imagine life without reliable air conditioning. The climate control that A/C provides goes far beyond mere comfort. In the hot and humid summers of Central Florida, the absence of air conditioning for even a day could create serious health complications for you and your loved ones.

That’s why it essential to keep current with air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach and across Central Florida. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning help ensure years of faithful service from your A/C unit. Read on to discover how air conditioning changed the world, and continues to provide health-boosting assistance today.

Brief History of A/C

Most historians agree that air conditioning as we know it today was invented in 1902 in Buffalo, New York. At that time, it had primarily industrial uses. Before long, people noticed the climate control qualities of air conditioning and it began being used in homes across the country.

Today, reliable A/C is considered a necessity in Florida. In fact, when air conditioning goes out in the hot and humid summer months, it constitutes an emergency. Especially when young children, pets, and the elderly are concerned, improper cooling could mean the difference between life and death.

That proves how what might seem like minor troubles with your A/C unit should never be taken lightly. When you notice a problem with your unit or something just doesn’t seem right, it’s best to immediately call a reliable company well-versed with A/C repair in Palm Coast, Florida and throughout the region.

Health Benefits of A/C

Along with helping you feel cool and comfortable, air conditioning also provides a wealth of other resources. For example, A/C contributes to improved indoor air quality. Breathing in contaminated air can quickly cause respiratory problems.

Many doctors also assert that air conditioning helps manage and even alleviate allergies. When you keep your air filter clean and schedule regular A/C maintenance, you can enjoy your home in style and comfort no matter what’s happening outside.

You’ll also sleep better. Health experts say quality sleep is the foundation for the entire day. If you’ve had a restless or uncomfortable night, everything during the next day suffers. That includes work performance, exercise endurance, being able to stay focused during hobbies, and more.

House Benefits of A/C

In addition to health benefits, air conditioning helps regulate humidity levels inside your home. Elevated humidity causes mold growth. Not only is this detrimental to health, but it can lead to major home troubles if left unchecked.

You’ll have to report mold issues in your home. If you ever choose to sell, prospective buyers could be turned off by a past history of apparent neglect. Plus, high humidity leads to unpleasant odors. Who wants to put up with that?

Elevated humidity can also ruin furniture and permanently damage your electronic appliances. However, when your air conditioner is in good working order and you have a clean air filter installed, all of these troubles go away or can be kept under control. In addition, dirt, debris, pests, and parasites won’t make their way inside your home.

Year-Round Comfort

In recent years, it hasn’t been uncommon to require air conditioning in Daytona Beach right into October and even later. You need a system that can perform whenever it’s necessary: any time of day, month, or year.

Through the years, we’ve helped people across Central Florida with a variety of climate control needs. In addition to Palm Coast heating and air, we’re also well-known for new equipment installation, commercial refrigeration, indoor air quality, and more. Contact us today to keep your air conditioner running smoothly now and always.

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