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How to Stay Cool During the Work Day

Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 4:39PM

How to Stay Cool During the Work Day

Some people view air conditioning as a luxury. In fact, health experts say maintaining a consistent body temperature is essential to achieving your long-term wellness goals. In addition, apartment complexes and senior living housing developments consider A/C outages a major emergency. That’s why it’s essential to find ways that you can stay cool at home and work, especially as the outside temperatures are heating up.

The good news is that gaining and keeping optimal comfort levels is a simple and straight-forward process when you work with a trusted and reputable firm well versed with A/C repair in New Smyrna Beach and throughout Central Florida. Here’s how you can stay cool and collected every day with reliable air conditioning:

Achieve Outdoor Comfort

You might have a job where you work outside all or most of the time. Or, you could be taking frequent trips during the day to deliver goods, or visit customers and clients. Every time you walk out into the heat and humidity, it takes a toll on your body. Thankfully, there are ways you can combat those effects.

For instance, health experts say eating light meals throughout the day will help you maintain a normal body temperature. You should also wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. Of course, it’s also wise to hydrate frequently. While water is the optimal choice, you can choose fruit juices, energy drinks (such as Gatorade), or another beverage selection.  

Make sure to take frequent breaks inside to give your body a chance to cool down. Your Palm Coast heating and air experts will also have valuable tips to help make every day a comfortable one.

Keep Cool Inside

If your job keeps you inside for the work day, it’s essential that you’re able to maintain your focus and composure. That can be difficult if your company’s HVAC system isn’t up to snuff. Aside from dependable indoor air quality, there are other ways you can stay comfortable throughout the day.

For example, along with eating light meals and drinking plenty of water, it’s a good idea to dress for summer weather, even if you’ll be inside all day. If your company allows, it’s also wise to keep a small desk fan in your workspace if and when things get too hot.

Try to reduce artificial lighting, and close blinds or shades during the heat of the day. This will minimize the amount of warmth that enters your building. It’s also a good idea to use stands or ventilation for heat-producing equipment such as desktop/laptop computers and similar.

If the indoor climate at your workplace becomes unbearable, ask your supervisor to contact a respected company well known for air conditioning repair in Port Orange, Florida and throughout the region.

Ensure Your HVAC System is Working Properly

Sometimes air conditioner troubles are subtle. Rather than allow them to escalate into a major problem, it’s wise to be vigilant about possible climate control concerns. Some tell-tale signs for office managers to be aware of include inconsistent air flow, foul odors, loud noises, visible leaks, and similar.

If you’re a financial officer who has noticed higher than normal utility bills, this could be a sign of issues with your HVAC unit. In that case, it’s best to schedule A/C repair in Daytona Beach, Florida immediately, to avoid making the problem worse.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

In fact, regular maintenance is key to ensuring your HVAC unit is in top shape all year long. Whether you work in an office, at home, or a remote location, it’s nice to know that there exists an HVAC company with qualified team members skilled in diagnosing and solving a variety of potential issues.

For years, we’ve been the go-to resource for businesses and individuals across Central Florida. In addition to air conditioning and heating maintenance and repair, we also specialize in commercial refrigeration, indoor air quality, new equipment installation, and more. Contact us today to get your HVAC system ready for another hot and humid Sunshine State summer.

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