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Hurricane Season Is Here: 5 Tips for Volusia & Flagler County Residents

Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 12:15PM

Hurricane Season Is Here: 5 Tips for Volusia & Flagler County Residents

As central Florida natives, we are used to welcoming summer and hurricane season at the same time. At Extra Air & Heat, we know how important it is to prepare sooner than later, so when hurricanes come, our home is ready to handle it.

Hurricane season preparedness can start by a few simple steps, like adding some extra items to your shopping list and picking up things around the house. In today’s blog, we are sharing the top five tips that will keep your family and home secure all season long.

Pack your pantry with essentials

Expert meteorologists always suggest having three to seven days’ worth of food and purified water on hand for each hurricane.  Keep in mind that this water is used for drinking, bathing, and emergency use only. 

Stock up on fresh bread- which can be frozen until needed- and peanut butter which is an excellent source of protein. Canned foods like soups and produce are always a must, as they can heat easily and have a long shelf life.

Hurricane preparedness is primarily focused on essentials and emergency products, so consider stocking up on comfort foods to lighten the mood. Packaged cookies, crackers, chips, and instant coffee can go a long way when making your family feel safe. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget about pets and infant care! Get extra food and formula to last through the storm and days after.

Secure your home inside and out

We would never want anything bad to happen to your home, so take necessary precautions. The best permanent protection for outside your home are hurricane shutters, however, a more reasonable approach is pre-cutting plywood panels for your windows. This is also the perfect time to make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed with weather strips.

If you spot any lose or dead branches hanging from trees remove them so they can’t fall onto your home or car from gusty winds. Check the front, back, and side of your home for loose belongings like furniture and toys, bring them inside the garage or any secure place.

As for inside the home, turn your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting right before the hurricane. Also, inspect major appliances and turn them off when power is lost to avoid power surges.

Create emergency supply kits

We always hope for the best, but in any event, an unpredictable turn for the worst can always occur- this is when emergency supply kits come in handy. Kits include many things that can save you from a disaster like basic tool boxes with wrench or pliers to turn off utilities.

Take inventory of all important documents like insurance policies, identification, vehicle titles, mortgage docs, and birth certificates. *Don’t forget portable or solar-powered cell phone chargers.

Always have first-aid kits, batteries, a radio, flashlights, and whistles. Include plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter a damaged spot. And of course, keep changes of clothes and hygiene products available for the family- especially if you have evacuated.

Keep board games on hand

When the power goes out tensions seem to rise. Avoid feeling stir-crazy and stock your home with games that don’t require internet or power. These activities will keep everyone busy and in good spirits while bonding and passing the time.

Shelter your AC unit

Your AC unit is just as important as your home or car so treat it the same. If your unit is surrounded by trees be sure to cut the ones down that could cause potential damage. Create a tent for the unit to prevent debris from flying into it.

However, if your AC unit experiences inevitable damage and needs maintenance call us to have any problem you’ve encountered fixed. We would be happy to repair or replace any equipment needed to get your home back to the cool, enjoyable temperature you’ve enjoyed all summer long.

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