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3 More Dangers of High Humidity in Your Home

Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 3:36PM

3 More Dangers of High Humidity in Your Home

You’ve likely experienced some of the effects of high humidity in your home office. Being hot and sweaty is no fun, but did you know that it’s also harmful to your health? Prolonged humidity leads to mold/mildew growth and indoor air pollutants. This puts you and your loved ones at direct risk of major health complications.

In addition, humidity is a huge factor in heat stress and exhaustion. It’s very difficult to fully bounce back from the effects of heat stroke. Health experts say some people who’ve endured this alarming scenario are always on edge that it might happen again. Why put yourself through that fear and stress?

When you schedule A/C repair in Daytona Beach, Florida and ongoing maintenance, you get the peace of mind that your system is always in top shape. That creates an inviting atmosphere for friends and loved ones. Read on to learn more about the most common dangers of high humidity in your home or office.

1) Hair and Skin

Health experts say prolonged exposure to increased humidity causes dehydration. At first, you’ll feel thirsty and might experience blotchy skin and/or rashes. As your body releases more sweat in an attempt to cool itself, you’re losing essential nutrients and vitamins.

Experts say this causes sleep problems, allergies, and other health risks. But when you team with a trusted and reputable air conditioning company who regularly checks your HVAC system, you can avoid such complications.

2) Internal Function

As mentioned, the real dangers of exposure to prolonged high levels of humidity are no joke. You or your loved ones could experience rapid heart rate, improper blood circulation, heat stroke, and similar. And since bacteria and viruses thrive in hot and humid conditions, the chances of getting sick are greatly heightened.

However, when you work with dependable technicians expert at Palm Coast heating and air, you can create an indoor climate that’s always comfortable and safe.

3) Breathing Complications

Even at the best of times, allergies and asthma are a constant threat for many people. However, during the summer months, a wealth of new contaminants enter the air. This can make it difficult to breathe. Even people who don’t normally suffer from allergies often experience trouble during the hot and humid summer months.

High humidity also creates stagnant air. More than mere discomfort, that poor ventilation keeps dangerous contaminants in the air. That material will eventually be breathed in by you, your loved ones, and pets. The risk simply isn’t worth it.

How to Stay Safe and Comfortable this Summer

By now, it’s no secret that high humidity causes a wealth of unpleasant situations. In addition, when your A/C unit’s not working properly, it puts undue stress on the delicate mechanism inside. This leads to premature repairs and even the need for replacement.

In the short term, when you make your HVAC system work harder than it has to, you’ll pay more in climate control costs. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid that fate. The first step is to schedule A/C repair in New Smyrna Beach and wherever you live and work in Central Florida.

For years, we’ve been the go-to resource for a variety of climate control needs. Along with air conditioning and heating repair, we also specialize in commercial refrigeration, indoor air quality, new equipment installation, and more. That’s partly how we’ve built a solid reputation as the best outlet for air conditioning repair in Port Orange, Florida.

Don’t suffer any longer with the effects of heat and high humidity. Contact us today to schedule a checkup and perform required maintenance and repair, to ensure your HVAC system is ready for another Central Florida summer.

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