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Your Guide to Summer Allergies in Florida – and How Palm Coast Air Conditioning Can Help

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 10:40AM

Your Guide to Summer Allergies in Florida – and How Palm Coast Air Conditioning Can Help

Achoo! If you’re often suffering from different seasonal allergies in Florida, you probably just know how intensely they can affect your day-to-day life – from itchy and watery eyes, to constant sneezing, congestion, fatigue, and even trouble sleeping. How can you plan to make the most of the summer while avoiding the stress and discomfort that allergies bring? Plus, what even causes them in the first place? Read on for the basics of surviving summer allergies in Florida – and learn how your Extra Air conditioning and heating experts can help.

Common Allergens to Know

In Florida, a variety of different allergens – substances that cause allergies – are abundant, and especially when different foliage is in peak stages of blooming. A variety of different allergens are particularly abundant in the summer, and you’ll need to look out for them. From April until October is considered grass pollen season – but you’ll also encounter pollen from ragweed and dog fennel at this time of the year. Plus, watch out for mold, whose spores spread easily indoors and thrive due to increased humidity and warmed temperatures during the summer.

Tips to Reduce Symptoms

With all these pesky allergens out and about, how can you make sure to manage your allergy symptoms? To start, keep a close eye on pollen counts – and make a conscious effort to spend time indoors without opening windows when those counts are high. Take a shower after spending time outdoors to remove any pollen or allergens that might be clinging – and launder clothes worn outdoors promptly for the same reason. Be prepared with medication in case of a sudden allergy attack.

Combat Allergies with AC Repair

Did you know that your air conditioning system doesn’t only serve to keep you cool during the summer? It’s also an effective way to deal with allergies in Florida! Using air conditioning to combat hot summer days means not having to rely on open windows and breezes – which can blow allergens indoors. Air filters play a vital role – and remembering to change them monthly can help your system continue working optimally, capturing those allergen particles like pollen, mold, and dust from the air and preventing them from recirculating through your home and aggravating allergy symptoms.

Keeping your system well-maintained with the help of skilled AC experts is also key. Improperly functioning units can collect moisture, allowing mold to grow and spread spores throughout the home. Regular HVAC system maintenance can pinpoint problems fast.

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